Thursday, July 28, 2005

What's the deal?

I've noticed a strange spike in traffic over the last couple of days. I've had more visitors in the past two days than I usually have in a week. Just curious as to what's going on. Not that I don't appreciate the increased traffic...I just have a sneaking suspicion that my liberal equivalent posted a link to my site under a heading like 'look at this tool...'

Just a thought. Anyone else got any ideas?


Blogger Brett said...

I did link to you about 10 days ago.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

I noticed that. That's pretty cool. Heh...I was honored to make the top 10. I've been meaning to set up a little links list myself, but haven't gotten around to it.

I noticed there was a jump in referrals from your blog, but a bunch of others are from random websites and blogs...really weird.

10:32 PM  

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