Monday, July 25, 2005

In response

Well, first of all, I haven't seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So I can't really comment on it. As far as Johnny Depp being an ex-patriot, I'm really not all that concerned about it. I mean, Canadians still see Jim Carey and Mike Myers movies, so I'm not going to fault Johnny Depp for moving somewhere else. Even if it is France.

Plus, he shoots his mouth off substantially less than most celebrities, so I've got no beef with him. Sean Penn he is not. And I think he's better off keeping his mouth shut anyway. Listen to his commentary on the Pirates of the Caribbean'll be dumber for the experience. It makes it easier to understand why he makes his living reading what other people write...because if he had to subsist on his own creations, he'd really be in trouble.

As far as Johnny Depp being gorgeous, that I don't understand. And not just because I'm a guy, either. Normally when girls get all worked up over a guy, I can at least see what they're talking about. But in the case of Johnny Depp...I dunno. He just looks creepy to me. Maybe it's the fact that I saw Edward Scissorhands at a young age...but he's just always creeped me out a little bit.

I like the requests for eminent domain and global warming. Rest assured I will have sarcastic, smart-ass retorts a little later. You know, when I'm not at work wasting time dicking around on my blog.


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