Tuesday, July 04, 2006

You want war, we'll give you war

On the eve of American Independence Day it might seem a little strange to be addressing Israeli issues, but there's been something festering in my mind for the last week or so and it becomes more infuriating with each development.

Last Sunday, members of the armed wing of H@mas crossed the Gaza border into Israel, killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped another one.

Normally, when a foreign military crosses into another nation and attacks that nation's military, it is nothing short of an act of war. Yet, somehow Israel is considered the aggressor and is expected to negotiate for the soldier's release.

The laughable "ultimatum" from H@mas was that the soldier would be spared if some 1,500 Palestinian prisoners were released.

I consider myself a patient, non-violent person. But if H@mas wants to commit acts of war, I think it's only appropriate for Israel to oblige and respond in kind. For too long they've exercised restraint, and it's accomplished nothing.

If Gi|ad Sha|it is executed, which at this point it is likely that he already has been, Israel should forcefully respond and make no apologies for doing so. They should no longer let their tendency for restraint become their Achi||es Heel.

And for those who think that God wouldn't approve of such a harsh campaign, I invite you to read about the wars against the Canaanites or Amalekites in the Old Testament. They didn’t mess around back then, and we shouldn’t now.

I’ve mentioned before about how I believe that humanity is a title that people must earn. Taking and executing hostages, I believe, relinquishes this title. And H@mas should be dealt with accordingly.


Anonymous Michelle said...

I could not agree more. I cringe to think of all that Israel has had to put up with in recent years in an attempt to keep peace and be diplomatic. That has obviously failed. There is a time for peace and a time for war. This is a time for war. May God grant them success on the field of battle. Especially since their enemies are basically our enemies as well...

10:09 AM  

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