Friday, February 10, 2006

Couple of quick things

Ok first of all, I'm almost done with the Muslim cartoon post. But I've been running around like a madman for the last two days, so I haven't had time to finish it. Speaking of which, last night I was at a banquet with Dick Cheney. Very cool. Typical Cheney speech, not exactly rousing, but decent enough. George Allen was also there. Even cooler. Much better speech, and if there was any doubt in my mind that he should/will be president, it's no longer there. Keep your eye on this guy.

I've got quite a few stories to tell, and I'll get to them this weekend when D.C. in blanketed in snow. But for now, here's my most prized achievement from the conference thus far. See, I didn't get starstruck when I was taking the Vice President's picture. I didn't get star struck when I was looking at the guy I think is going to be the next president of the United States. No no, I got weak in the knees and light-headed over this:

That's right. Miche||e Ma|kin. Aw yeah. We were married soon after this picture was taken.*

*This is, sadly, not the case. We set a date for later this year.**

**Stop laughing at me.


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